Where can I buy Blessing Bracelets?

In addition to the wide selection of Blessing Bracelets available on our website, we are proud to have a family of stores across the country that carry the Blessing Bracelet. Our Blessing Bracelets are the same bracelets featured in the movie “The Blessing Bracelet” on the Hallmark Movie Channel, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Click the button below to see a list of our Blessing Bracelet stores.

You might imagine our surprise when Hallmark decided to produce a movie inspired by Dawn’s creation of the Blessing Bracelet. We sent the production team several varieties of our Blessing Bracelets, in both Classic and Smaller Bead styles, and even sent them materials to show the making of the Blessing Bracelet. Hallmark created a beautiful movie in the true spirit of the Blessing Bracelet. We are so excited about the upcoming premiere on Easter Sunday!