UNITY Bracelet

7 Rich, Beautiful Gemstones selected to represent the diversity of our world & for their combined properties.

Moonstone Love, Inner guide to hidden truths, Soul journey, and New beginnings.

Riverstone/Fossil Coral – Balance and Grounding, Accelerates energy of surrounding stones.

Citrine – Happiness, Awakens creativity, Support to dreams, Energizing.

Red Tiger Eye – Inspiration, Integrity, Right use of power.

Smoky Quartz – Protection, Strength and Stability

Tiger Eye – Courage, Integrity, Right use of power.

Onyx – Strength, Stamina, Courage, Self-control.

Let us listen to and support each other. Together we’ll go farther. 

30% of proceeds benefit Equal Justice Initiative.

Gemstones sourced from around the world. Knot symbolizes a difficult problem that can be solved by changing your perspective and taking action. Ultimately, we are all interconnected.