Which Shade Are You Most Drawn To? The Universe is always giving us messages. Perhaps here’s one for you.

Love comes in different colors and shades, what kind of love are you looking for?

Pink: BELONGING We all want to feel we belong to something greater than ourselves, be a part of a larger community and have a true sense of fitting into a tribe.

Having a supportive family, caring deeply about someone, or finding a group to feel like you belong to all speak to feeling expanded and that you are giving of yourself in a way that really matters.

So if you are looking for the warmth of belonging, you have to allow yourself to show up, make an effort, and also be willing to walk away when the situation is not one that gives you the warm and fuzzies. Belonging means extending yourself, yet do so in small steps, because it must be met part way.

Give yourself credit for showing up and most of all be patient, not all groups are created equal. If all else fails, you can always adopt a kitten or puppy. (We’re big fans of animal rescue around here.)

Red: PASSIONATE Red is the color of fire. Most red stones from deep garnet to bright red stir up an emotional response.

Passion can be a strong and barely controllable emotion; it is fun, alive, and vibrant. If you are looking for a passionate love, first you might want to find passion in your own life. Treat yourself to something that stirs up your emotions: an adventurous trip, radical bubble baths, a new cashmere sweater or underwear that makes you feel fabulous. Or take a day off and immerse yourself in nature. Passion attracts passion, similar to fire attracting fire.

White: SELF-LOVE This is a deep, searching love that says, ‘I matter, and there is value to my life, my opinions, and the (not-so-pretty) journey that got me here.’ People who experience self-love often are less judgmental and highly compassionate.

They understand others because they love and value themselves and understand that the road to self-love can be very bumpy, yet extremely worthwhile.

If you are interested in exploring or deepening self-love, spend some time listening to how you speak to yourself, and/or begin honoring yourself by saying yes to yourself more. What have you been meaning or wanting to do for a long time, but it keeps falling to the wayside? It may be time to put that first on the to-do list now.

Self-love can also be increased by noticing when and how you judge others. By noticing, you will notice how you speak to yourself. Gradually, you may find you are judging others less, and you will in turn give yourself a little more compassion and be less prone to judging your every move.

Lavender: FRIENDSHIP You are looking to truly find someone who has your back. You might even be finding a way to trust the universe. True friendship is not just someone to have fun with, it means finding that person who will be there even when life is not fun, and you really don’t feel like pretending it is. True friendships require a willingness for all parties to be authentic and available. If you are interested in finding friendship, being authentic, even though it feels brave and scary at times, will help you attract a true friend worth having.

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