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A few years ago we had accumulated an abundance of beautiful semi-precious stones that could not be used for our Blessing Bracelets. Rather than simply have these stones gather in bins, never to be used again, we challenged ourselves to come up with a unique way to breathe new life into them. Then it hit us! Why not create a product that would repurpose these beautiful stones and at the same time, we will pay this forward and donate the profits to someone in need of finding their purpose or place in life. After all, on this journey we call life, there are many that need help from time to time? Hence, Second Chances was born.

Made As Intended has always believed that we are instruments in a far greater plan. It is much more fun to share instead of worrying about what is enough. This product gives us the opportunity to give more.

We have started a Second Chances fund. Each month we will update you on what we are doing to give someone or something a second chance.

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Second Chances for the Holidays


We have adopted a family of 7, four children ages 3 months to 13, the parents and grandmother. They need help with childcare, and a security deposit so they can move to another apartment. Right now they have a three bedroom apartment, but are looking for a bigger place closer to the Chicago Public Schools so the kids can be involved in after school programs. The parents and grandmother work, but the entire State of Illinois is so broke that they were denied help with childcare even though their income is less than $30,000 for a family of 6.

Crazy system. One of them would needs to quit working and stay home or find a way to cover a $800 to $1000 monthly bill for childcare, which is just over the net of what one of them is making. We helped with money in October, but we would like to prepay November and December childcare and give them the security deposit for a place they are moving to in December. Supposedly the State will reinstate the childcare assistance money after the first of the year.

We felt like a contribution to this family to help them get reestablished would make a huge difference, we heard about them from a mutual friend and they have been so grateful for knowing that the baby is covered so they can work.


Meet Chance the Dog

Our first Second Chances opportunity came in the form of a rescue dog, found in Chicago, bitten by another animal and left to die.

By reaching out, we were able to connect with a vet for healing and treatment, and now a trainer to work with him on obedience and basic commands. We were given the opportunity to name him. Appropriately, we named him Chance.

While we would love to adopt him, we have more than our capacity of animals here between dogs, cats, chickens and a donkeys. We are, however, committed to paying for Chance’s vet and trainer bills until Chance is healthy, strong, and adopted.

To date, the vet and training bills have come to $1,260.

Update on Chance

Chance has not been adopted, but his “cuteness” has brought lots of people to see him. The rescue has adopted as least 3 dogs because of people that came to see Chance but left with another.

Chance is an adorable puppy. He still needs lots of corrections to not chew, or jump, something most people wanting to adopt would rather not start from. To date, we were able to raise $1230.00 to help toward Chance’s recovery, training, and health.

After the 1st of the year, one of our Made As Intended employees will be moving into the apartment at our new office and would like to adopt him. Chance will become part of our team! (I am really excited because I will be able to continue our weekly walks.)

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