We’re more like a family.

Debbie, Heather, Ana & Xavi

Xavi & Ana are the heart and soul of our team, hand-making the lion’s share of our inventory, right here in Chicagoland. Ana is an amazing Mom of four, and an all-around stellar human. Xavi is a caretaker of all, including his pair of (cute, yet sometimes smelly!) sugar gliders. His positivity energy everyday infuses every piece of our jewelry, and keeps us all going. Debbie is a great addition to the team, having come onboard this past holiday season.

(Pictured with Milo & Lucy, the rescue pups.)

Heather has been with us since the first blessing bracelet was sold, and is our uber-talented and amazing jewelry designer, product photographer, and basically everything else that keeps us going strong. In her free time, Heather explores and photographs abandoned buildings, and makes one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and art. She is also an animal-whisperer, bird-watcher, and excellent Mom of two.

(Pictured with Screech, the rescue conure)

Founders Dawn & Ray and family
Dawn’s life changed when she heard a voice that said, “You have to live, truly live, before you die.” She retired from sports marketing, and decided to “be the change” she wanted to see in the world. She originally designed the Blessing Bracelet as a gift for a few friends. When stores started ordering them, she quickly had to learn about the business of retail, and the rest is history. Dawn’s husband Ray has been at her side since the beginning, now serving as the company’s CFO. In 2020, Dawn started Dawn Center, a not-for-profit dedicating to placing rescue dogs in good homes. Together, Dawn and Ray have 4 children, 3 dogs, 2 chickens, a conure, and a (very noisy!) rescue parrot.

Jess (pictured with angel Dawn) joined our marketing team in 2017, after having an epiphany of her own, leaving corporate America for the opportunity to spread a positive message in the world. She is raising two daughters, who are also blessing bracelet models.