About Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye has been highly regarded throughout history as a stone of prosperity and good fortune, and named after the magical tiger, it is thought to instill courage, integrity and right use of power. Being drawn to tiger’s eye may mean that it is time to step into your power. When we play small, we do the world a disservice, because we prevent ourselves from giving our unique gifts to the world. Tiger’s eye may signify that it is time to be mindful of your authenticity. Does who you truly are on the inside match with the ‘you’ that you project to the world? Or are you afraid to show the world who you truly are?

The most powerful, spectacular gifts that you have inside, are here to be shown to the world. Yet many of us are afraid that we are not good enough exactly as we are. Somehow, we fear that others have better gifts and more confidence, and we are not meant to shine. But, dear one, that is just not so. Confidence comes from one thing – believing you can do it. And you can! You are so powerful, and just may need a reminder of that from time to time. Be courageous, dear one, and live with authenticity. It is the seat of your true power.

Because you are drawn to tiger’s eye, you possess its gifts. Wear tiger’s eye to amplify your courageousness, who you are, and how you show up in the world.


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