An ancient Hawaiian Forgiveness Practice that really does work…

It’s unbelievable and 100% true – there once was a psychologist, Dr. Hew Len, who healed an entire ward of mentally ill criminals sitting in his office, by himself for hours doing Ho’oponopono.  As the story goes, the ward was so bleak and so dangerous there was seldom a day where patients and/or staff persons didn’t get physically hurt.  The environment was dirty and rundown.

But shortly after Dr. Hew Len arrive, little by little things started to change. The walls got painted and stayed looking fresh.  The gardens were taken care of by staff and patients side-by-side.  Shackles were removed from prisoners who previously had to be restrained 24/7 and heavy pharmacological drugs were no longer being used to put the patients into catatonic states.

Dr. Hew Len “worked” there close to four years, but in reality he seldom if ever saw any patients.  That didn’t matter, because in the end the clinic had to close because these violent, hopeless, mentally insane patients … were healed.

A miracle? You bet! But not the kind that only great, awakened Masters like Jesus, Buddha, or Hew can perform.  The kind of miracles (great and small) that everyone, even and especially you can have, by practicing the four simple steps of Ho’oponopono.  The order of the steps is not as important as the forces at work, which are repentance, forgiveness, gratitude, and love.



Ho’oponopono has a positive affect on the world “out there” because it treats the problem where it actually resides, which is inside you.  The principle that sits in the center of this ancient Hawaiian practice is the truth that there is no “out there”.  What you are seeing and experiencing, every person, place and thing is actually in your mind.  That’s a trippy idea, right?  It all seems so real – you can touch it, taste it and even appear to harm it.  But the real spiritual truth is that what you see is what you are creating inside your mind, like a dream.  The great news is that you can change the dream you are having, seeing, and experiencing.  That’s what Hew Len did.  He immediately took full responsibility for the people who were showing up in his world.  In the case above they appeared as violent, mentally ill people.  He was not flustered.  He knew he was creating them so he, through the practice of forgiveness, could recreate them to be happy and free.

No matter how certain some of the characters in your dream appear to be, I assure you, they can be changed when you go to the cause of their creation … you.

Please, don’t even worry about “getting it” or even agreeing with it.  The great news is that Ho’oponopono, like all spiritual principles, just works.  It needs no understanding, just a willingness to try it and prove it for yourself.

It is best to do Ho’oponopono in a meditative state, eyes closed and focused inward, but it can be done any time negative memories, fears, or judgments haunt your mind.  Simply repeat the four steps over and over in your mind while shopping, taking a walk, driving, or even when you’re sitting having coffee with a friend.  Any time – anywhere – Ho’oponopono can be there.


Step 1: Repentance – I’M SORRY

When you look at the pain and suffering in the world you are seeing as your creation, as if you are the one that is participating in keeping that person (s) trapped, it’s easier to feel genuinely sorry.  What you are really saying is, “I’m sorry for creating you/this as broken, afraid, sick, sad, etc.  I’m sorry that I am creating you/this in my experience as anything less than holy and good.”  The great news is that two words, “I’m sorry” is all you have to say.

It can be tough to realize you are creating so much pain and suffering “out there” but don’t worry about that.  You’re changing it by owning it.  “I’m sorry” opens the door for the healing.


Step 2:  Ask for forgiveness – PLEASE FORGIVE ME

Whew!  This is humbling, and the ego doesn’t like to be humbled because it gets confused thinking it’s actually being humiliated.  That is not what is happening here so don’t let resistance stop you.  Don’t get stuck on the person or situation that is bringing you to the practice, just be willing to feel the meaning and desire to be forgiven.  What you’re really saying is, “Please forgive me for my part in creating this.  Please forgive me for not being able to see you/this/it as perfect and one with the Divine.  Please forgive me for my part in keeping you/this/it trapped in fear or pain.”

Fortunately, all you need is the “faith of a mustard seed”, or an ounce of willingness and your asking to be forgiven is activated.  Again, your part is simple.  Just say, “Please forgive me.”


Step 3:  Gratitude – THANK YOU

Gratitude is magnetic.  I think of it as immediately activating the law of attraction to work in your favor bringing you loads of joy, power, peace, and whatever you desire.  Gratitude in this practice also brings relief.  To feel grateful means you know you are moving in the direction of the negative dream being over.  What you’re really saying is, “Thank you for helping me see my part in this.  Thank you, God/Universe for being always loving and kind.  Thank you to the Spirit within the other person (s) that is helping me to become free.”  You say, “Thank you” and the rest is encoded in there.

Step 4:  Love – I LOVE YOU

Love heals and seals the deal!  Say, “I love you” to yourself.  Say it to whoever is in your mind.  Say it to God/Universe or to the air that you breathe and the sun that shines.  Love is a healing power that unites, restores, rebuilds, and reveals the perfection that is within you and others.


That’s it – the whole practice.  It’s simple, effective, and causes miracles for you.

Hawaiian Forgiveness Technique

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Posted by Collective Evolution on Tuesday, April 11, 2017