blessing bracelet

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May 13-14, 2016The Blessing Bracelet is a hand-strung sterling silver and Swarovski pearl, and or gemstone, bracelet that comes in more than 25 current colors and styles. Originally made for 4 friends about 5 years ago at Christmas the bracelet evolved all on its own. The intent behind the bracelet was, and still, is very pure, to increase gratitude worldwide.

“I wrote the tag because after experiencing a major shift in my own life, I knew how important being aware of all you already have is. I wrote those words to friends, that I might help open their eyes to seeing and believing that change was not a someday thing. They could change their life immediately by being aware of the world around them and all the gifts they already had. My life changed dramatically when I discovered that most of what I wanted in life I had received, yet I never took time to appreciate it, I was always on to the next thing, and the next thing. I also found through the practice of gratitude most of what I had asked for, was not really what I wanted, and learned to be grateful for what I desired now, to be happy. The tag was my attempt to inspire others to slow down and look at life another time, through different eyes. It was my way of giving to others what I had been given, a changed heart and a knowing that life was pretty amazing”.


The bracelet was originally just given to a few friends, who wanted to be able to order them for their friends. It spread to thousands and then to over a half million. What started with one gift began a blessing. The Blessing Bracelet has not only traveled the world, it has changed lives. It gave Made As Intended, a spiritual company whose mission was to inspire a shift in perspective, a gift. We in turn plan to continue making products with messages of hope and inspiration, that when we change, the world changes.

The bracelet truly is a blessings, it is a gift, not only for those who wear it but for all of us involved with making it.

We have been able to help people, adopt animals, form friendships, and inspire ourselves and others that dreams really do come true.